Merry Christmas

Isaiah 45:23 By Myself I have sworn;
Truth has gone from My mouth,
a word that will not be revoked:
Every knee will bow to Me,
every tongue will swear allegiance.

Note to self: Develop a Christmas project using one of these machine embroidery designs. So far, I’ve found two bowing-down-to-Christ Santas located at and

I do believe I’ll present one to one my son’s doctors who told me she felt that “any parent who deprived their child of the joy and wonder of Santa and all that he represented for peace, joy, hope, and the beauty of the season, was cruel”.

We don’t “deprive” our son of Santa. We also don’t promote Santa. Yes, we preach Christ to him, but for this situation, that isn’t our primary objection when talking to those of the “world” as to why we’re against playing the Santa-is-real game with our son.

I look at it this way. I have a 5 1/2-yo who behaves as if he has hallucinations, seeing people standing in our kitchen staring at him, hearing his name being called, and talking with his many “imaginary” friends about doing away with our family in ugly ways. I need to have this child’s complete and absolute trust so that when I tell him, “No, there’s no one hear calling your name. You’re safe. I’ll take care of you”, he’ll turn to me for protection and safety and not against me as his enemy.

Why would I, that same person who should be the one he can run to for shelter, hiding under my “wings”, behave in such a grossly irresponsible fashion as to mislead him (lie!) about a man who can slide down our chimney at will, entering our home while we’re sleeping?

Haven’t I spent enough hours, in the middle of the night, comforting him from whatever vain and wild imaginings drive him to tears, pleading for my help?

Why would I paint reality on an imaginary character when he has plenty enough of his own who seem determined to remove him from beyond my tenuous grasp?

That, to me, would be cruel.

And even as I write that, I can hear the mocking of those who read my blog who think the idea of a God who humbles Himself, being born of a virgin, taking on a flesh form of man, and dying for the sins of those who confess Him as Lord, is a far worse hoax than Santa.

For those, I pray they’d receive the greatest gift of all that only the Lord can give – the faith to know He alone is the Way, the Truth and the Life (John 14:6).

With Santa, no matter what you “receive”, it will never amount to anything more than a lump of coal.

In the words of my son, “Mommy, I know that God is real and Santa is just pretend. And I know God has the power, Mommy, to make us love”.

Amen, Daniel.

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