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Where can I get more information? This is Karen DeFelice’s site. The information here is easily understood and copious. She has many links that are invaluable. It is here that you can learn about the latest details available regarding the use of Virastop, an enzyme, to fight viral infections in our ASD children. Karen’s yahoo group might be of interest for those wishing to pursue this course of treatment. This is Dana’s information on viral problems. Here she offers a great number of links, including information on the high dose vitamin A protocol for measles virus, PANDAS (which is a bacterial problem, but included), Lyme (which is also bacterial—see below), Dr. Megson’s work, and a number of other useful sites.

Dr. McCandless’s book Children with Starving Brains offers a chapter called “Immunity, Autoimmunity, and Viruses (Or Other Pathogens). In it she offers some general background information on these issues: information on testing; a case history of one older child helped enormously by anti-viral interventions; and immunomodulators, immune boosters, and prescription anti-virals.

Stan Kurtz, who started the yahoo group is the father of a recovered child, Ethan, whose video you can see at the website The website posts videos of recoveries by using diet, vitamins (like nasal spray methylcobalamin), and antiviral therapies. This group is very new, but may be helpful for people interested in using prescription antivirals, sharing experiences with parents of children who seem to have viral problems, and finding general viral information. Stan is not a doctor, but has devoted a great deal of time to researching viruses and has many contacts with adults and children who have used antivirals and other supplements to improve their health.

The DAN! view of the high dose Vitamin A protocol for measles virus can be found here (I’ve included two links for the exact same document just in case one becomes broken):

or at the bottom of the page.

Andy provides a different perspective on the Vitamin A protocol for measles virus. Please see message number 112213 at autism-mercury for details of his recommended approach. Here is my synopsis which leaves out a lot of detail: A loading dose isn’t mandatory and it will in fact increase the risk. Use 500-1,000 IU per pound per day. If you choose to use a loading dose, do it once at ten times the daily dose. You are not just addressing the measles virus, which may or may not be the main problem, but are also trying to improve immune, intestinal, vision, and neurological functions, as well as eye contact. You are NOT trying to induce toxicity or the any signs of the measles. If you are using this protocol for a girl who has had a menstrual period, no more than 25,000 IU per day with NO loading dose. Signs of toxicity include a scruffy looking rash around the neck, cracked lips, headache, nausea, vomiting, lethargy, unusual hyperactivity, dry/rough skin. is home of the Big Picture Book of Viruses, perhaps one of the best places on the net to acquaint yourself with many things viral. Included is a list of viral diseases and their etiologic agents (plus a great many diseases some people may assume are viral but are not) and information on viral architecture. This site is very detailed.

Although not viral in nature, lyme disease (which is bacterial) is considered by some to play an important role in their ASD children’s health. Lyme and its connection to autism is controversial; however, there are parents who have recovered their children from autism using treatments for lyme. There is a yahoo group that discusses lyme disease and autism:

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