Viral Colloboration - Possible Treatments

What are possible treatments?

Chelation: If a child remains metal toxic during treatment specifically for viral problems, it is unlikely that the viral issues will be resolved. The metals will not allow the immune system to function properly. There are children who never need viral treatments beyond the healing of chelation and its accompanying measures.

Healing the gut: Using chelation, diet, natural antifungals (prescription antifungals are not appropriate for long-term use), antibacterials (only as necessary, of course), probiotics, and other supplements as appropriate can help heal the gut which in turn will help improve the immune system.

Improve the immune system: There are supplements (see below) that can help improve the immune system. A healthy diet will make this more likely. Again, if a child requires chelation, doing so will allow the immune system to function more normally.

Natural antivirals: Antivirals are listed below. A viral “die-off” (viruses are not alive and therefore aren’t really dying) can involve a great deal of emotion, weepiness, rashes, drunken laughter, itchiness, generally feeling unwell (flu-like symptoms) and more. Please note that the high dose Vitamin A protocol will NOT and should NOT produce these same signs. Vitamin A protocol is NOT supposed to induce toxicity. Read about Vitamin A protocols for measles virus below.

Enzymes: Karen DeFelice’s work with Virastop, a protease enzyme, may have positive implications for ASD children battling viral issues. Viruses are protected by a protein cover which certain enzymes, particularly Virastop it would seem, can digest. Please see below for the link to Karen’s work and informative page. It should be noted that some concerns were raised at autism-mercury in regard to Serratiapeptidase, one of the enzymes found in Virastop. If you wish to investigate this, messages 155705, 155980, 156057, 156071, 156083, 156272, and 156516 are likely most pertinent. In my opinion, these concerns were very well addressed.

Prescription antivirals: Acyclovir and Valtrex, a form of acyclovir, are two commonly used prescription antivirals. Blood work is necessary while on these drugs to ensure a child’s safety. As mentioned above, somewhere around 30% of ASD children prescribed these drugs show some benefit. Andy notes that combining prescription antivirals with natural antivirals can be particularly effective because they work through different mechanisms. He also notes that Acyclovir and Valtex should be dosed 5 or 6 times a day. Some people have also used IVIG treatment successfully.

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