Viral Colloboration - Intro & Background

This file is meant to be an introduction—a resource that offers information and links to investigate further. I did not try to present the information here in any particular order in regard to usefulness. What you find useful will depend on your child’s particular situation, what you already know, and what you’ve already done for your child. It is important to note that I have not included detailed cautions or background information on the majority of supplements/treatments mentioned although in some instances I do offer serious cautions—please read the file in its entirety so that you do not miss these cautions. I would not have felt confident sharing this file if Andy Cutler hadn’t taken the time to share his knowledge by commenting on the first drafts and offering many additions and corrections. I am grateful—endlessly grateful—for his generosity. I have included some of his comments directly and other information he provided has been included less directly in many places. If you find mistakes or would like to add to this file, please email Anita at


It seems that there are some ASD kids who have viral problems and some who don’t. No one knows exactly what these percentages would be, but many agree that somewhere around 30% of ASD kids who have received prescription antivirals respond favourably—however one wishes to interpret that. Of the kids who seem to have viral problems, it would seem that some can recover on their own by healing the gut, supplementing, and chelating. Other kids need help specific to their viral problem as well. Still some others seem to have only viral problems, or, at least viral problems are their main issue and resolving them seems to resolve all other problems.

The only certainty I was able to discover in researching for this file was this: viral issues in ASD are controversial. Be sure to research carefully, particularly the negative things that people have to say about each of the protocols, treatments, supplements, and promises you may find at any of the resources I share below. Try to attempt in your research to discern how closely parents followed any particular antiviral protocol. If details of the theoretical protocol were changed in practice, this would be an important thing to know.

To be honest, I have a difficult time differentiating between viral problems and autoimmune problems. They seem to be the same thing in some circumstances, whereas in others they are two different issues: an autoimmune problem that may have been triggered by a virus as opposed to a virus still active to some degree within the body. Andy clarifies this idea further: “In fact the typical mercury induced issue of overactive humoral (antibody) immunity and underactive or misdirected cellular immunity can cause either or both, while in addition the other adjuvants in vaccines can cause the body to sensitize to itself rather than the vaccine contents (and there is a natural mechanism to stop making new kinds of antibodies once a few are created) so that you can easily get all possible combinations of autoimmunity and lack of virus resistance/chronic viral infection.”

It should be noted that many people believe that viruses can work synergistically, and a child’s problem may be the result of a number of viruses, some of which may not have been identified yet. Again, Andy clarifies: “When this is occurring it is due to a defect in cellular immunity most likely acquired through mercury laden vaccines. Clearing the mercury will allow the body to recover, but it may need help to do so.”

Because of my difficulty in understanding the difference between viral problems and autoimmune disorders, I have not tried to point to either one or the other in many places in this file. Research seems to show that just over 50% of ASD kids have auto-antibodies to myelin basic protein. That is, their own bodies are attacking the myelin sheaths in their brains. This would be considered an autoimmune problem, perhaps precipitated by a viruses or viruses. It has been suggested that the following supplements may help repair/reverse the demyelinzation process: Vitamin E (d-alpha), phosphatidylcholine, pantethine or pantothenic acid, curcumin, GLA from borage or evening primrose oil, and high EPA fish oils. As noted below in a resource, myelinization continues until the age of 45, which should offer us great hope for our children. People like Dr. McCandless have also been investigating the use of low-dose naltrexone (LDN) and the prescription drug Actos to help deal with these sorts of problems. You can find out more information on LDN from here: There is also an LDN yahoo group where you can find more information about these two treatments:

Dr. McCandless (Children with Starving Brains, 2005, p.163) explains that autoimmune disorders may be the result of infectious diseases such as rubella, herpes simplex encephalitis, varicella, cytomegalovirus, and roseola which is caused by the HHV6—the extremely common human herpes virus.

For a clear explanation of this virus which may very well play an important role in autism, see

The Life Extension Foundation has some good information on herpes viruses in general and what can possibly be done about them. Much of this information would be transferable to the situation of ASD kids, particularly those who suffer recurrent outbreaks of cold sores: This site also offers good background information for people new to the investigation of viruses in general. Furthermore, there is a section which discusses some supplements not looked at specifically in this file. Important note of caution: Chemically sensitive people or those taking liver taxing drugs like depakote cannot tolerate BHT.

If you are interested in pursuing information on autoimmune problems and autism, you may want to look at home of the Autism Autoimmunity Project. You may also want to visit for information on Neuro Immune Dysfunction Syndromes. Dr. Michael Goldberg at also has information on this topic. I have received extremely negative reports from some parents in regard to the efficacy of the treatment their children received from Dr. Goldberg. I do not want to dismiss or withhold parent reports like this. It should be noted that Dr. Goldberg is considered to be very anti-chelation and anti-DAN!.

Dr. W. John Martin, who is also considered very anti-chelation and anti-DAN! argues that stealth-adapted viruses are the cause of autism. You can onibasu some of his opinions in the autism-mercury archives. His ideas are presented in these three webpages:,, and Dr. Martin’s work is highly controversial, some would say fraudulent. I have received extremely negative feedback from parents whose ASD children have been his patients. I would strongly urge you to read the following articles (there are more like them if you choose to google) before you consider Dr. Martin’s hypothesis of the stealth adapted virus and how it might relate to your child:,

People like Dr. Yasko and Dr. Wakefield have looked a great deal at the possible involvement of the MMR vaccination in the health problems of ASD children, particularly at measles virus infection some ASD children suffer. Dr. Yasko talks about this in her paper “Autism: A Twisted Tale of Virus and Thimerosal” which you can find, along with a good deal of her other work at You can find some of Dr. Wakefield’s work at

Andy has pointed out that, “It is well known and discussed in standard medical texts that a) children with impaired cellular immunity can’t clear live virus vaccines like measles and can be killed or severely disabled by them, and b) mercury and thimerosal impair cellular immunity.”

Dr. Yazbak has researched the connection between mothers who received vaccinations such as the MMR during pregnancy and breastfeeding and ASDs in their children. For some information on that you can look at

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