Dom's - The Best Kefir Site in the World

Pretty pictures and a really easy navigation system don’t make Dom’s Kefir the best kefir site in the world. What makes his the absolute best is the amount and quality of information. Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about kefir is here:

The real problem with Dom’s site is if you run across informatio that you’ll want to access again, just try to find it! You could dig for ages. Slowly, I’m building an index to his site. I’ll post and update this blog as it progresses.

In the meantime, if somone was refusing to give up the Standard Americn Diet (fast-food, high sugar, wrong kind of fat, wrong kind of dairy, wrong kind of wheat), the one good thing they could do for themselves is to learn how to make and drink kefir.

Admittedly, I’m addicted to kefir. It took awhile to find just the right temperature, just the right grains, with just the right milk (unpasteurized REAL goat milk). I could live on kefir and nothing else and credit it for providing some great health change and benefits to my family.

One of the most important pages in Dom’s Kefir site
FAQ for Novices:

Dom’s Main Page: which includes the history of Kefir and the advantages of a 2nd ferment

To be continued:

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