TAAP - John W. Martin Steal Virus Letter

Of particular interest to those dealing with Autism, Autism-Spectrum Disorders:

The following was posted to the Yahoo Autism-Mercury group – basic idea is stealth-virus, immune system reaction to measles vaccine combine with herpes simplex:

Dear April,
I was helping someone prepare for an upcoming interview by providing answers to possible questions. I am happy to share the material with members of TAAP.

Question: Is there evidence that the increasing prevalence of chronic illnesses has an infectious and, therefore, transmissible, contagious component and, if so, why is it not being recognized. Answer: There is an inadequacy of epidemiological methods to identify an infectious process causing chronic multifaceted diseases. An infectious process is consistent with the patterns of family illnesses and with larger community outbreaks.

Question: What type of infection do you think is the probable cause of these diseases:
Answer: Cell damaging viruses that can cause a persisting illness, explained in part by the inability of the immune system to effectively recognize viruses that have deleted or mutated genes coding for the relatively few viral components targeted by the immune system. (A process that I have called stealth-adaptation). These viruses can be cultured and can cause disease in animals.

Question: Where have some of these stealth-adapted viruses come from.
Answer: African green monkey simian cytomegalovirus SCMV. (CMV is a type of herpes virus). Published evidence from FDA of SCMV contamination of polio vaccines produced in kidney cell cultures from African green monkeys. Stealth-adaptation can potentially occur with any type of cell damaging virus.

Question: If the immune system does not respond to stealth-adapted viruses, how is it possible for the body to control an infection.
Answer: The body uses an auxiliary defense mechanism whereby cells acquire needed energy from an alternative (non-mitochondria) cellular energy pathway. This pathway involves the conversion of physical energies into cellular energy by materials I have called alternative cellular energy pigments. Activation of these pigments can have therapeutic benefits, as can providing products with ACE activity.

Some stealth-adapted virus infected patients release ACE pigments in perspiration and from skin lesions. Patients mistake them for parasites and can be labeled as having delusional parasitosis. Other stealth-adapted viruses can assimilate bacterial sequences leading to positive assays for various types of bacteria, including Borrelia (the cause of acute Lyme disease), mycoplasma (a suspected cause of Gulf War Syndrome).

Ongoing emphasis is on controlled clinical trials. Striking benefits were seen with therapy of conventional herpes simplex and herpes zoster virus infections. Energy based therapy also markedly improved outcome of children with tropical diahhrea (study done in El Salvador to be presented at the American society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene Meeting in New York, December 15, 2005).

Question: What is CDC’s position on stealth-adapted viruses.
Answer: They are unwilling to test for these viruses and hide behind the argument that others have not confirmed their existence. In fact, there are data supporting the underlying concept from several recent studies. CDC has been notified on individuals testing positive for SCMV using the polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Some of those working at CDC are aware of the Public Health consequences of acknowledging stealth-adapted viruses. Unfortunately, they are not in a position of authority.

Question: Why did you stop testing for stealth-adapted viruses.
Answer: With input from CDC, our license for testing for these viruses was suspended by the Government in late 2002. All of the methods have been published and provided to Public Health authorities. It is really their responsibility to pursue infectious causes of diseases. Now that potential therapies have been developed, one would hope for more open communication. This will likely occur through public pressure on Congress. I feel sorry for patients who have been led into thinking that stealth-adapted viruses do not exist. Instead of a major Public Health endeavor to control these infections, the emphasis has gone to politically less challening explanations such as mercury causing autism, depleted uranium causing Gulf War Syndrome; toxins causing chronic fatigue; Borrelia causing so called chronic Lyme disease, etc. Simple testing by Public Health authorities would confirm the existence of stealth-adapted viruses; some of which originated from the cytomegalovirus of African green monkeys.

Question: Is more information available on a web site.
Answer Yes the address is www.s3support.com

Would additional financial support help in pursuing stealth viruses, ACE pigments and clinical trials. Answer. Yes. The Center for Complex Infectious Diseases is part of S3Support, a Public 501© Charity. Donations are always welcome. Funding would also help with a nationwide movement towards more rational allocation of health resources. There are structural flaws in both orthodox and complimentary/alternative approaches to medeical care. I am using the term Progressive Medicine as a framework to incorporate energy based therapeutic modalities.

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