Something Happy

Got a phone call from the husband today. “Honey”, he says, “do you realize the top 3 posts on your blog are Mad Cow Disease, Lead in Children’s Lunchboxes, and Flouride dangers?

“Hmmmm”, I said, thoughtfully emptying my arms of freshly-folded laundry, “I guess I haven’t paid attention lately. I’ve been using the ‘blog’ as an archive for articles that are of interest to me. I kind of forget that other people actually read it”.

“Well”, he replied, “it looks…well, you know..not happy”.

“Oh, well”, I mumbled, as I stumbled down the stairs carrying Salvation Army giveaways that I wanted to take along with me when I dropped off our daughter for choir practice, “I’ll have to think about ‘happy’ and ‘writing happy’, you know, kind of break up the macarb and dark stuff”.

“Yeah! Yeah! That’d be great!”, he said. I could almost feel his beaming smile over the phone. Making another trip upstairs for an additional load, I passed the never-empty laundry basket, his American flag boxers perched on top. Squeezing the phone between my head and shoulder, I tossed the basket’s contents into the washer. Inspired, I said, “Hey! I could write a cute blog about how Sarah salutes you every time you wear your American flag boxers!”.

“NO! No! I mean….well…you know,” he cleared his throat, “maybe leave me out of it. The kids are cute. Write about them. Without me. You know, write about cutesy kid stuff maybe. Or maybe repost the Fisher Cat story – that was cute.”

“Oh, but you know how cute it is when she sings the National Anthem right after she salutes you. And how usually you’ve just woken up and are all groggy and stumbling past, hardly even aware we are there until she bursts into song at the top of her lungs and then you jump at least a foot, throwing your hands over your ears, blinking your eyes…”....

“NO! NO! No! I mean, well, you know, I just don’t think I’m blog-worthy. Really. I’ve gotta run…have a meeting…just, you know, wanted to kind of toss it out there that you might want to break up the blog with something different. I really don’t think that many people need to know about my American flag boxers.”

I sure wish he’d let me have a go at a post about those boxers. Oh, well, back to drumming on the old desktop while I think up something else…..

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