Contrast & Compare

I know. Thou Shalt Not Compare.

My children are such a study in contrasts, that I confess I battle the urge to compare. I know it isn’t very PC (parenting correct) of me to speak such things because we all know they are precious and special in their very own right but oh, my children are so contrastable!

I’m sure in some families, this works itself out in a very neat and tidy fashion. Let’s say, one child adores meatballs but abhors pasta. The other adores pasta yet abhors the meatballs. Think of the time-savings on that one – one dinner divided between two over twenty years – but, alas, only fantasies are that simple.

Still, there are those miraculous moments where we all seem to fit and come together. Like tonight – they each laid claim to their cuddle territory without me having to command one of them to “take the left shoulder tonight, you had the right shoulder last night”.

We fit. They fit. Perfectly. And when there is such contentment and quiet, I confess, even then I cannot help but contrast and compare. “Oh, this is so lovely and quiet…...................”.

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