American Illiteracy

Dear Friends,

Recently I purchased Harry Hattyar’s Easy Steps to Reading: A Linguistic Primer. You can purchase it for just $10.00 by clicking on the title. This 102 page book is in PDF format. It is a comprehensive phonics method that includes phonemic awareness exercises and lots of decodable text. [If for some reason the book does not download, the author will be glad to send it to you via e-mail attachment.]. Harry’s web site is:

I was so pleased with the book that I wrote the author to see if I could learn more about his method and how he developed it. He informed me that he had written a comprehensive book on reading problems in America. Unfortunately, he has been unable to find a publisher, even after trying to get about 50 different publishers to publish it. That really got my curiosity worked up. I asked him if he would mind letting me read the manuscript. He agreed and sent me his Word files via e-mail. I was so fascinated by the breathtaking scope of his research and the refreshing independence of his thought that I read through the entire work as soon as I got it. After further correspondence, we agreed that I would prepare the manuscript for Internet publication on my web site, Harry and I are in hopes that every professor of reading in America will pursue this work and recommend it to their students. Just click on the following title: Illiteracy in America: Understanding and Resolving a Grave National Problem

Here is the actual URL:

Please feel free to forward this e-mail to everyone you think might be interested. The book is FREE so let’s see if we can get it out to every teacher in America.

Donald Potter
Odessa, TX

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