In The Beginning..........

We adopted Daniel when he was 11 months of age. Developmentally, he was that of a 3-4 month old. He had no pincher activity, unable to pick up or hold pieces of food. With our help, he was able to put pieces of food into his mouth, but would choke, gasping for air, seemingly unable to chew or swallow. He slumped, unable to hold himself into an upright sitting position.

During the first two weeks of the adoption, while we waited for permission to leave the state from which we’d adopted him, he spent the majority of his time alternating between heart-breaking crying or ear-splitting shrieking. Within a month of birth, our oldest child, Sarah, contentedly fell sweetly to sleep every single night, her routine never varying more than 1 or 2 minutes.

Not Daniel. Routine and consistency were not part of his make-up. Chaos and disruption appeared to be his companions. Warm soothing baths, gentle rocking, back rubs, were useless. Two or three in the morning found us all miserable until, due to sheer exhaustion, he took his last huge gasp of air, falling into a deep sleep. Only then were we able to collapse into our own beds obtaining too few hours of sleep.

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