It took us nearly 3 years to unravel the mystery of our son’s behavior – Sensory Intergration Dysfunction, and depending on who you talk to, PDD-NOS, or Autism.

Those 3 years are lost. They were years which could have been devoted to critical early intervention therapy. They were 3 years I spent questioning myself, my skills as a mother, and truthfully, putting me to the test of whether or not I really believed God was Sovereign. Miserable, self-indulgent, time-wasting stuff of the flesh, that could have been better devoted to finding constructive resources for my son.

Yet, here we are – on the other side of the diagnosis and on this side of the wonderful therapy he’s receiving, and slowly, day-by-day, there are glimpses of a little boy starting to feel more comfortable with this strange, noisy, jolting world.

My blog will wander, zig-zagging through memories, all in the hope that if there is any other wondering, worrying mother who is facing the confusion I was, that she might find some hope in our journey.

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