Amino Acids, Glutathione & Optimal Health

In my search to find “real food”, ridding our house of anything and everything that even remotely resembles processed dead food, I’ve taken on a new hobby – nutritionist. Other women will have beautiful embroidery handiwork to show for hours hunched over work, while I’ll have….well, aside from a perpetual stiff neck, sore fingers from excessive typing, and more lines around my eyes from squinting at hard-to-read text on the computer monitor, I will hopefully have a healthier family, children who are raised with a knowledge of how to cook real food, have an understanding of nutrition, and, Lord willing, extending my own life as long as possible to be with them. It doesn’t get any more basic. So, in the meantime, I search and read, clean out cupboards, review recipes, cull out recipe books (200+ were too many to have anyway), and get back to the basics of life.

Part of those new basics include grasping a better understanding of how we, chemically-composed creatures that we are, are made.

Amino Acids are at the very root of our health, and they occasionally need an assist from other players, one of which is Glutathione.

Here’s a helpful, down-to-earth, 2-part online book covering all the details:

Part 1 Part 2

  Textile help