Famiglia Ericson Wine

What do you do when you’re an entire continent removed from Napa? You find a local “do it yourself” winery, take a class, and make your own wine. And you even get to make your own label, if you’d like – which we did. A “classic” fusion incorporating French bistro goes Italian with a California varietal. Hey! You can do that when it’s “your” own wine.

How about overall quality? First, you get to choose your own varietals from well-known wineries in California, Italy, Australia, France, or New Zeland. Then there is the advantage of high quality winery grade corks. I’ll never get used to the new plastic versions. A huge advantage is that sulfites can be drastically reduced versus conventional wine. Sulfites are typically added to stabilize the wine for transportion – long cross-country treks, not from the wine class to your in-home wine cellar – so it is even possible to create a beautiful wine with absolutely no sulfites.

Tonight’s bottling night. I’ll try to remember to post the outcome in a few months (or years) time!

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