Visiting Uncle Ericsson

On our way back home last week, we took a swing through Washington, D.C. to visit Uncle Ericsson. At least we think he’s an “Uncle”. The Minnesota Uncle Woodrow, has spent his 80-plus years of life avidly pursuing family geneaology, and is quite convincing, persuading my husband’s family that Uncle Ericsson holds a legimate branch on the family tree.

Given the fact my husband and his family lean toward the gifted end of the intelligence spectrum, Uncle Ericsson gets my vote for being Quite Possibly related. And I have to say, I like Uncle Ericsson’s “digs”.

Whoever honored him, for the revolutionizing of the shipping industry with his screw-propeller, knows the meaning of Location, Location, Location. Uncle Ericsson’s monument is centrally located, with beautiful views of the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials.

Maritime News Article including patents provides a great description of a screw propellor as well as crediting Uncle Ericsson

The U.S.S. Monitor and “Uncle” Ericsson’s key role (this is commemorated on his monument)

Uncle Ericsson’s Bibliography which only goes to show he practiced the art of “if at first you don’t succeed….”.

Monitor National Marine Sanctuary includes a tidbit about Uncle Ericsson feeling snubbed by Abraham Lincoln’s lack of response to a letter

National Park Service provides a description of the U.S.S. Monitor battling the C.S.S. Virginia.

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