Support Your Local Farmer

Learn about Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) in your area at The New Farm

Locate CSA in your area at The New Farm

Eat Well Guide – another very handy food finder! Check out The Meatrix animation while you’re there.

Slow Food USA – A national group dedicated to creating local groups, networking to find the best sources of farm fresh food created through traditional methods. Not only that, but Slow Food’s goal is to educate the public school system as to what constitutes good and healthy food. If you thought “hot dog” or “macaroni and cheese” is a good answer, use Slow Foods site to locate a group near you. Talk to their people in person – they can gently instruct and guide you to good, traditional, honest food.

Eat Wild – Everything you need to know about why 100% grass fed is the healthiest! Also includes a handy locator for the nearest grassfed creatures to you.

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