Join In Supermarket Activism

The True Food Network

I don’t know. Maybe it was the long, cold winter. Maybe I need to take up jogging. Until I figure out how to calm this cabin-spring-fever energy, I think I’ll try my hand at activism.

No, I’m not going to go in and throw non-organic veggies at the produce manager, even though he informed me that turnips and rutabags are the same creature (not!) and that he couldn’t possibly order ancho chilis for me because nobody other than me knows what they are (C’mon! Give New Englanders MORE credit than that!)

Instead, I am burning off energy taking spins around The True Food Network, reading up on which supermarket chains they’re putting the “heat” on! I’ve already been inspired to send several letters to CEO’s of leading grocery chains! The True Food Network made it easy – form letter and all. But like any good recipe, I changed some of the words, added my own – kind of gave it that personal feel because I have a feeling that numerous duplicate form letters might not be as impactful!

Check out The True Food Network and what they’re doing to keep genetically engineered food off the shelves of our stores!

You know, after they finish the genetically engineered campaign, maybe they could start a No High-Fructose Corn Syrup Campaign, and a No Homogenized Milk Campaign….and a No Trans-Fats Campaign…....

There’s a lot of work to be done. Send your letters!

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