Until Death Do We Part....

The internet is alive and buzzing with thousands of people voicing their opinions over Terri Shiavo. Fingers are busily typing about Important Issues which are seen as somehow having a role or connection to her “case”. States Rights. Euthanasia. Artificial Means of Continuing Life. Is America A Christian Nation. King George and His Position On Government Enforced Religion. Jefferson’s Intent and Participation in the Constitution. Individual Rights. Right To Life. Right To Death. Ad Nauseum.

These Serious Issues, as interesting as they may be, have little to do with Terri Shiavo and her individual rights. In fact, it appears that Terri Shiavo, from the moment she entered a compromised health position, unable to speak for herself, lost all individual rights.

The intent of the law, by assigning a legal guardian to look after Terri, is that Terri is to receive the same type of treatment, both medically and ethically, as if she were able to voice her opinions.

In Terri’s case, the courts granted her “husband” legal guardianship. Every single decision regarding Terri’s health care is approved or rejected by him. He gave legal testimony, many times, unequivocally stating he knew her wishes, and that she would never have desired to be kept alive by artificial means. In fact, I’m sure if a miracle could occur this very moment, Terri, opening her eyes, licking her parched dry lips would adoringly look up into Michael’s face and say…..

“Honey, who are those kids and that woman standing behind you….”.

Maybe not. It’s more likely, as any straying husband can tell you, Terri would look up into her adulterous husband’s eyes and say, “Give me a divorce….”.

Adultery is a sin. Of course, in this day and age of slippery subjectivism, moral absolutes are the equivalent of social apostasy. If you let on you engage in antithetical thinking, you risk rejection, summarily set aside from the mainstream structure as That Right Winger, or Holy Roller, or the ultimate insult, Conservative.

Let’s have another go. Michael Shiavo is an Adulterer. Michael Shiavo sired two bastard children outside the vows of matrimony while still legally bound to another. Michael Shiavo did NOT deserve to continue in his position of Terri’s court-appointment guardian. Michael Shiavo, who is stunned he’s terribly misunderstood, can’t grasp the concept that he’s, in fact, very well understood by a number of us who have very black and white Biblical position of sin. Biblically, if Michael repented (meaning: turned away from the sin), he could be restored to Terri, restored to the Lord. Anybody seen Michael repenting?

He can’t grasp the concept he compromised his “guardian” position by sinning as he did – that he turned Terri into the very thing most women fear becoming – nothing more than a piece of property which has lost its usefulness, is of little value, and is a hindrance. Michael is doing what one does with a burdensome piece of property.

He is disposing of it.

His repeated and continual acts of adultery COMPROMISE his ability to make valid decisions on the behalf of Terri. Not only that, it calls into question every decision he ever made on Terri’s behalf.

Michael Shiavo, through his lack of moral ethics, has placed himself in the position of a Conflict of Interest. Had he been a devoted husband who made daily visits to his wife, allowing access to her for every possible treatment (of which there are many reports he RESTRICTED her from potentially helpful therapies), Michael’s choice to pull his wife’s plug may well have been viewed in a very different light. But Michael, the adulterer, compromised his ability to make choices for Terri. I’m beating a dead horse, but I fear Michael isn’t the only one who doesn’t grasp this simple concept.

If this were a business situation, Conflict of Interest would have been First Agenda Item. It is sickening to me that it does not carry the same weight in a Family Court of Law.

Had Terri Shiavo known that within two years of her being rendered helpless her “husband” was behaving in a manner outside their wedding vows, outside their faith in what God desired in their marriage, I strongly doubt Terri would have chosen to continue her “marriage”. Women tend to know when their marriage has become a façade, a lie. Women tend to not look on adulterous husbands with the same degree of love, trust and desire, once the cat, so to speak, is out of the marriage vow bag.

Don’t believe me? Go out and have a fling tonight. Go home and tell your wife or husband. In fact, some times, it doesn’t even take a full-blown fling. Some times, it only takes an inappropriate out-of-the-corner-of-the-eye look towards a random female, or “innocent” misunderstood conversation. You guys know what I’m talking about.

Michael Shiavo, had he been a man worthy of trust, a man worthy of keeping a commitment, a man worthy of shouldering such heavy responsibilities, would have recognized his failure to keep a promise (marriage vows), and after his first transgression would have offered Terri a divorce, knowing it was something she would have chosen for herself. But….that would only have been had Michael Shiavo been a man worthy of being a court-appointed guardian.

Michael wasn’t that type of ethical, moral man. Michael continued in his pretend marriage with his new pretend family, while simultaneously pretending to be a Real Husband in a court of law.

Just how dumbed down will our courts go? We should be shaking in fear at what is happening in our judicial system. Terri would have had a better chance of being commuted from this death sentence had she been a murderer on death row.

Instead, she’s paying the price with her life, for having exercised very poor judgement in exchanging marriage vows with Michael Shiavo.

Daniel’s cry of betrayal is also Terri’s:

Psalm 55:
Listen to my prayer, O God.
Do not ignore my cry for help!...
My heart is in anguish.
The terror of death overpowers me….
Oh, how I wish I had wings like a dove;
then I would fly away and rest!...
It is not an enemy who taunts me – I could bear that.
But it is you, a man my equal,
My companion and my familiar friend;
We who had sweet fellowship together
Walked in the house of God in the throng….
For my enemies refuse to change their ways;
…they do not fear God.
As for this friend of mine, he betrayed me;
he broke his promises.
His words are as smooth as cream,
but in his heart is war.
His words are as soothing as lotion,
but underneath are daggers!

  1. I feel very strongly about adultery, but the Michael and Terri Shiavo case doesn’t seem like adultery to me becuase had it not been for artificial means of life support, God would have taken Terri soon after her heart stopped. She was incapable of eating. She would have starved to death, which is actually a natural way to die for humans and animals which are no longer capable of feeding themselves.

    There have been studies done on starvation of people who were dying and chose to starve themselves. This type of starvation has actually been found to be relatively painless. Those who suffer during starvation do so when they take in periodic small amounts of food or water. Complete deprivation sends the brain into a state where it no longer recognizes pain. And the last days of the body shutting down are actually peaceful.

    I don’t know if Michael Shiavo was acting with truly honerable intentions, but I do believe that he was in a completely unnatural situation – his wife should have been dead long ago. She was essentially brain dead. People who were intimately involved in the case, and not just watching the flukes that seemed like responses on camera, know that she wasn’t truly responsive. Her poor parents couldn’t stand to let her go.

    I can truly say that if this were to happen to me, I hope that my husband would fight to the end to honor my wishes and I hope that he would find comfort and a way to go on with someone else, if he is caught up in legal battles for years, because if God had had his way, I would have been taken to him, and my earthly marriage would have been over.
    — Michelle    Apr 1, 05:48 AM    #
  2. Michelle,
    We wouldn’t do to an animal what we did to Terri Shiavo. Feeding tubes are NOT artificial means of life support.

    This is a turning point for this country – yet another slippery slope that will bitterly divide.

    Fourteen days to die – that simply doesn’t support her “husbands” view that she didn’t want to be kept alive. Bedside reports of Ms. Shiavo don’t substantiate your theory that dying in this manner is peaceful.

    Terri Shiavo was murdered.

    Handicapped people of this country should feel terror.
    Sharon    Apr 1, 11:50 AM    #
  3. I can’t agree. I am the father of a handicapped child as well as a husband. My wife and I have talked often of what if’s and I can’t believe that it took repeated trips to court to do what’s right. (I am not excusing the adultry issue but the adultry came long after she was brain dead.)
    I our case, we both understand clearly what our wishes are and have documented them, a step everyone should take otherwise we simply burden our loved ones.
    — Bill    Dec 22, 07:47 PM    #
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