Vitamin D Deficiency

It’s time to take your cod liver oil!

Excerpt from, Vitamin D Deficiency: Common Cause of Many Ailments by Maryann Napoli

“In a 2001 study published in The Lancet, children treated with 2,000 IU daily of vitamin D from their first birthday onward had an 80% decreased risk of developing type 1 diabetes throughout the next 20 years. And in the last few years, several studies have been published indicating a link between schizophrenia and decreased exposure to sunlight. Dr. Holick’s review states that animal studies have successfully shown that type 1 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and multiple sclerosis can be prevented using mice prone to these diseases.”

PBS’s Scientific American Frontiers reports,

“After subjecting both groups to a chemical that mimmicks the inflammation arthritis sufferers are prone to, the researchers found a cartilage-destroying enzyme present in the untreated sample was not present in the group treated with the Omega-3 fatty acids. “These findings. . .offer a scientific basis for why cod liver oil helps people with arthritis and has for so many years,” Dr. Caterson told the BBC in February 2002. But modern research has yet to confirm the myriad other benefits said to be gained from a daily dose of cod liver oil, long forced on children as a general cure all. Though it’s likely that cod liver oil’s high levels of vitamins A and D and Omega-3 fatty acids were in fact beneficial to previous generations, children everywhere can rejoice that these compounds are all available in pill form today.”

BBC News, Cod Liver Oil ‘Slows Arthritis’ reports ,

“Scientists have found further evidence that taking cod liver oil could slow down damage caused by arthritis…..Professor Caterson stressed this was neither a ‘cure’, nor likely to reverse joint damage already sustained….He said: ‘The breakthrough is hugely significant because it demonstrates the efficacy of a dietary intake of cod liver oil in patients with osteoarthritis taken prior to joint replacement surgery.

It suggests cod liver oil has a dual mode of action, potentially slowing down the cartilage degeneration inherent in osteoarthritis and reducing factors that cause pain and inflammation.”

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