After studying my progress building the “banner” at the top of this page – the section containing the photo of my children, graphics and Scripture – my husband, at times my mentor, technical director and editor mumbled, “Incongruous”.

Waves of joy warmed his heart, as he stared at his two beautiful children caught in a perfect moment of summertime ritual – eating an impossibly large piece of watermelon, purring with delight down to the bitter white rind. Rivers of juice flowed down their lovely chins, freely splattering bathing suits, staining winter-white skin.

His mood shifted along with his eyes as he looked to the right. Rip currents of depression threatened to drag him low. James, Christ’s brother, doesn’t mince words. He’s never an easy read. His words make one squirm, tug at collars, taking an immediate inventory of the Journey, this life.

My husband quickly moved his eyes back to the left and smiled. Then back to the right, followed by a heavy sigh. “Incongruous”, he muttered.

“Perspective”, I smiled.

With a mother’s heart, I find myself memorizing precise moments of their lives, storing brief snippets of still images in my heart. Tiny fingers, sparkling eyes, and my favorite, heads thrown back, bust-gusting belly laughs, as we dance and twirl across the room, take center stage, surpassing memories of life before them, if such a thing ever existed. Freckles – a discovery that left me breathless, as surely as constellations took Galileo’s breath away when he first peered into the expanse of space and time, find me reaching, tenderly connecting them with a gentle touch, interrupted only by an eye-rolling exclamation, “Oh, Mommy…….”.

They’re a gift, a blessing within this fading mist of life.

This is a website devoted to those to whom I am devoted, offering a smattering of things of which memories are made. Those, who are easily offended by Jesus Christ, may not find comfort in these writings. Those who profess Him as Lord, who know of His never-ending mercy and grace, will find a Sister – another pilgrim and stranger to this world, persevering, one step at a time, giving thanks that the lamp onto my feet provides a firm foothold on challenging and slippery slopes.

In Christ,

  1. Sharon I have one word…...Awesome! I can’t wait to see this grow.
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