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Apologies to real blog and RSS feed aficionados, I haven’t quite gotten the hang of posting all new “articles” to my front page, etc. So, until I do, I’ll just post notices of new sections. “Real Foods” is my latest. I’m on a food science quest to better understand food and its interactions with our bodies.

With an Autistic son, a mother and mother-in-law suffering early onset Alzheimer’s, and best friend who is suffering 2nd stage uterine cancer as well as diabetes, thyroid issues and obesity, maybe I’m just emotionally reacting, taking on a cause, fighting a selfish battle of wanting them to not be suffering so.

My view right now – the romans had their lead pipes. We have food processing companies, an over-abundance of chemicals, an under-abundance of organic produce and meats, and a proliferation of diseases that I can’t easily explain away by suggesting the increasing statistics are simply due to better diagnostics.

Maybe I’ll be wrong after I do the research, but I don’t think I will be.

I’m taking a science route, posting information that has good research behind it, along with an occasional reference to cook books and recipes.

“Out” with tofu, vegetarianism, high-grain, high-fiber, no-meat, processed oils (corn, safflower, canola, etc.), pasteurized and homogenized milk, soy in unfermented forms.

“In” with natural, organic, fermented foods, meat, raw milk and a reduction in unsoaked, unsprouted grains. It’s back to a basic, common-sense diet which challenges the modern view of what is “good”.

Pass the steak knives, please while you check out “Real Food”

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